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Strattera Side Effects

what are possible side effects of strattera?

Like with any other medication, Strattera treatment may have side effects. They can be subdivided into two categories: rather common but not serious, and less common but more serious. In addition, we may also mention sexual side effects of Strattera, some of them are rather common while the others are quite rare.


Commonly reported side effects of Strattera include:

  1. dry mouth (up to 1/5 of all patients may experience it);
  2. stomach pain (among up to 1/5 of all patients);
  3. insomnia (every 7 patients in a hundred may suffer from it);
  4. nausea and vomiting (among about every 8 patients in a hundred);
  5. loss of appetite (every 7 or 8 patients in a hundred);
  6. cough (about 1/10 of all patients);
  7. constipation (about 1/ 10 of all patients);
  8. bladder (urinary tract) problems (among about every 8 patients in a hundred);
  9. tiredness or drowsiness (among about every 8 patients in a hundred);
  10. painful menstrual cramps (among up to 7 per cent of treated women);
  11. erectile dysfunction, or impotence (among up to 7 per cent of treated men);
  12. a decreased sex drive, or libido (among up to 5 patients in a hundred);
  13. dizziness (up to 6 per cent of patients);
  14. sinus infection (up to 6 per cent of patients).

Also there are some other quite rare and not too serious side effects of Strattera. They may be experienced by about 2 to 5 per cent of patients and include: sudden mood swings, low mood or crying, strange dreams, diarrhea, gas or abdominal swelling, sweating, muscle pain, menstrual problems (in women).

By the way, loss of appetite in some patients has made Strattera an off-label medication that helps to fight obesity. It is not approved for that kind of usage, but in some cases it may work, though, of course, you should ask your healthcare provider for details beforehand. The matter is that loss of appetite does not necessarily lead to loss of weight, which is reported in only 2 per cent of patients (both children and adults). And besides, if some weight loss is observed in children, it may be negative for growing. If your child is being treated with Strattera and an excessive weight loss is obvious, you should consult with your physician at once.


These side effects are less common, but in case they occur, you should better immediately ask your physician for help and advice. They include:

  1. dizziness, or fainting;
  2. confusion, extreme agitation, or abnormal behavior;
  3. hallucinations;
  4. a painful and prolonged erection of the penis;
  5. heart beat, chest pain and / or tightness;
  6. breath problems;
  7. yellow eyes or skin, unusually dark urine, and pain in the right side (all these may be signs of liver damage);
  8. allergic reactions (skin rash, itching, hives, swelling, breath broblems).

And, of course, the notorious suicidal thoughts among children and teens treated with Strattera, though recent studies have proved that only 0.4 per cent of young patients may experience them.


As you may have noticed, only a minor part of patients experience something strange or unpleasant while taking Strattera. It all depends on the physical condition and individual features of the patient's system, whether he or she will suffer from any adverse effects of Strattera treatment. Some patients feel nothing bad or strange at all, or their feelings are just a little bit different from usual. Others respond dramatically. Unfortunately, the reaction of an individual is inpredictable until one starts treatment. So, one may be recommended to pay attention to he or she feels during treatment, and to any change in his or her condition. If you are uncertain that Strattera does good for you, you should consult with your doctor again. Also, in order not to worsen Strattera adverse effects, one should not exceed the recommended Strattera dosage, or take the medication improperly (e.g. snorting Strattera).


In case you experience something unpleasant during treatment with Strattera, you should make sure that it is really due to using Strattera, not because of something else! Sometimes it may just be a coincidence, and Strattera is not the point. Really, did someone's diarrhea start after a capsule of Strattera had been taken, or after a gorgeous dinner in the local restaurant? One should not confuse one's indisposition with Strattera side effects during treatment.